Thursday, November 19, 2009

More uniforms

As a child that could go to school in jeans with holes and ratty hair, the whole school uniform concept fascinates me. These kids actually have more than one uniform for almost every day of the week. Monday is traditional dress day. Tuesday is PE day (with the lovely pink polo). Wednesday is swim day, where the kids bring their swimsuits to school under their normal uniform (PK noted this in an older post). Thursday and Friday are normal uniform days. Note the special black Ultraman shoes (yes, we had buy these, too - but every kid wears the same shoes, takes them off before going into the classroom, and I think Adi brings home a different pair of shoes every day.)
I am beginning to think that this array of uniforms is a test of the parents of these children rather than to the children themselves. The parents that have the ability to figure out this uniform schedule and make sure that the uniforms are washed and ironed in time for the 7:30 AM motorbike departure are the real champions here.
I forgot to mention the rental bed that they have at school, which is also part of the uniform. Adi brings the bed home every week to be washed. Also the school issued backpack. Also, Adi wore this blue T-shirt home the other day with the school's name on it - apparently it is used for some sort of all school (pre k - year 6) games. I wonder if the schools here are actually some sort of clothing mafia.

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