Thursday, November 5, 2009

Learning things the Thai way

Now that we are settled into our new house I would like to enjoy my cup of coffee. I love a good strong cup of coffer with a splash of 1/2&1/2 in the morning. Well after spending days looking for 1/2&1/2 or cream I realize that there is no 1/2&1/2. Every one uses evaporated milk here or condense milk. Learning something everyday right.
We bought an hot water maker made by Sanyo at Lotus on the 26th of last month and guess what the pump broke already. Wiley and I are learning that in Thailand there really isn't any good mid range priced items to by and use. When it come to buying thing for the home. The items can not be returned nor refunded. Cheap is Crap oh except for food.
When it comes to auto mechanics the rule holds true for all of human kind. When you find a good one you can trust tip him well because he is worth it. I just found out that our first mechanic who fixed our Audi did very little to the car. He charged us lots of money for nothing. Good news is we found an honest man to work on our car now. His name is Soom. Soom lives within walking distance from us so it's real easy for us to call him for help. My entire family uses Soom.
Today: The Audi broke down without a fight. We lost our minds trying to deal with this Lemon. Moving on now. We spent too much time and money on this thing. We spent a weeks day trying to sell it. Comes to find out no one wants it. Then we spent way too much trying to fix it. It's time to set it free from our lives. Happy to know we still have a nice cool house to come home too. We got back today at about 8pm. Oh we had to catch a bus from Pattay to Bkk then a taxi home. We had new Air conditioner installed while we were gone. A very nice investment.

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