Saturday, November 28, 2009

Having a baby in BKK

Having your baby at St. Louis Hospital is one of the best things I've ever spent my money on while in Thailand. A vaginal delivery package (2nights 2 days) 29,900baht ($900). Includes:
For mother a single room, meals and nursing services. 2. delivery room services, medical supplies and facilities. 3. medicine and medical supplies during hospitalization. 4. Obstetrician fee. 5 and much much more.
For baby incubator and newborn nursing care. 2. laboratory examination for newborn baby: ABO blood group, Rh, TSH, PKU, and hearing test. 3. Medicine and medical supplies for baby and home medication. 4. Vaccubes for baby: BCG and viral hepatitis B. 5. Pediatrician fee. 6. Birth certificate and photo. Our bill came to 30,050 baht, which is a bit more because we drank some juice, made a phone call and got Ahmalie a blood test. Pretty freaking good for how I felt after leaving the hospital. I was able to recover faster and got plenty of rest while I was there. There were some strange moments like when I had three nurses looking over me. One other thing they do this hot light treatment to heal the area.
Glad to be home and learning how to be a mom to a newborn baby again. I forgot how much and often they eat. I am about 95% recovered. Amazingly fast compared to the first time. Sending out hugs and kisses to all my Seattle people. I wish all of you guys to see her. Adi is so good. He has been so helpful. He wants to help do everything. Feeding, washing, and holding her. Wiley has flash backs of the good old days of not sleeping. Love it when old memories kicks in.

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