Monday, April 5, 2010

Threading (Khite) – A Natural Hair Removal Alternative?

Our lunch was so good we decided to walk around the area a little bit more. I couldn't resist myself from trying this. Yes, we were in the middle of the sidewalk. My lady gave me a great treatment. Her training took longer then she wanted too. She was told it should take about 5 days to learn how to work the threads but it took her a little more then 10 days to finally get the hang of it. On a weekend she can work up to 15 people a day @ 100 baht a pop it's very good. I'm still amazed that I did this. Some people watched with curious eyes others watched with terror. A powder was put on my face to insure for an easy clean pull. Hard to believe one can get such a clean face with some powder and strings. Will I go back? not sure yet may have to ask me in about 3 weeks.

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