Sunday, April 18, 2010

Keson at Tambon Khlong Khone

We drove about 45 miles out to restaurant Keson for lunch. A good day trip with the family. Khlong Khone is famous for its grapi, or shrimp paste. Grapi is one of the things that separates Thai food in Thailand from Thai food abroad. It is difficult to find high quality grapi outside the Thai border. Also, the Thai palate has become accustomed to the pungency of grapi, whereas Western palates have not. This restaurant, Keson, in Khlong Khone features grapi in many of its dishes. Such as the fried fish coated in a grapi batter and nam prik grapi served with a variety of veggies and fresh river pla tu (mackeral).
During our meal, which overlooks the river and surroundings, a boat arrived at a neighbor's house loaded with tiny shrimp to make grapi. We were able to watch them salt and mix the shrimp while we were eating our lunch.
The owner-couple use to run a Kao Geng place which served one to two choices of curries on rice. Tour groups started to show up at their door steps so someone suggested that they should make it into a restaurant. They removed their daughter's bedroom from the house and converted their living space into a restaurant.
Its a family run place with two cooks at the kitchen. All their ingredients arrives fresh daily. Servers are cousins kids and any relatives who are willing to help out. They are at a crossroads of hiring more help but too scared to let other people cook for them. The taste will change and they do not want that.
While we were their other people from BKK also drove out to eat there.

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