Monday, September 28, 2009

First days in Bangkok. Our threshold for culture shock is lessened by the fact that we have been here a few times. The sharp noises and funky smells are not as mysterious as they once were. I guess that means we can just dive into our goal, as my wife described earlier, which is learning somethng new every day.
The first thing I learned is that I forgot that it takes forever to do anything here. We tried to get into our bank account here, but we need our bank book, which is in Lopburi. Well, we'll go up to Lopburi today to get it. I'm sure we'll get plenty sidetracked up there with all the family.
Went to get SIM cards for our phones. Our phones don't work here, so we bought some cheapo phones. The guy was nice enough to tell us that he would buy them back after we left.
My wife went to go interview a doctor for our upcoming baby. I'm sure she'll have something to say about that later.
At least the one thing that is easiest to do here is eat. After all that is why we are here. We have not gone off the path too far. Our family has been very accommodating, letting us acclimate to the heat by buying us dinner, although we did make dinner last night.

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